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Adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy are common surgical procedures for the indication in children. Often practiced at the same operative stage, these are two interventions with different purposes whose indications and operative follow-ups are distinct. In the majority of cases, this is a reflective indication, taken together with the attending physician or the pediatrician who knows the child better. The recommendations issued by the National Agency for Health Accreditation and Evaluation have made it possible to clarify these indications. The information given to parents is a fundamental time, which often ensures a more serene follow-up.Click here for Las Vegas Rhinoplasty Surgeons.

Adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy are the first surgical techniques taught to the future otolaryngologist practitioner. Perfectly regulated and technically codified, they must be considered with the necessary rigor and no longer be regarded as minor or even trivial surgery. Complications, dominated by hemorrhage, can be severe. This is why a proper installation of the child, an appropriate general anesthesia, a precise technique with controlled hemostasis, excellent postoperative monitoring, are the only effective guarantors to prevent any accident. Many techniques have recently been described, all targeting the concept of "minimally invasive surgery". Finally, the systematic prescription of analgesics during the first postoperative days helps to ensure better operative follow-up.

Acute and chronic ear infections (acute otitis media and otitis media with chronic effusion or serous otitis) are very common in children. Adenoidectomy consists of the surgical removal of adenoids; It is often practiced in these children because it is supposed to prevent this type of problems.

Our review, which includes 14 studies and 2712 children, reveals that adenoidectomy is effective in removing middle ear fluid (glu) but does not produce any significant effect on acute otitis media or children's hearing.
Authors' conclusions:

Our review revealed a significant beneficial effect of adenoidectomy in resolving middle ear effusion in children with OME. However, the beneficial effect on hearing is slight and the effects on changes in the tympanic membrane are unknown. The risks associated with the operation should be related to these potential benefits.

The absence of a significant beneficial effect of adenoidectomy on AMO means that routine surgery for this indication is not warranted.


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